The  Daily Breeze

"Last weekend, I was lucky to catch two shows on Saturday, July 1, Aileen Quinn and The Leapin’ Lizards, a fun rockabilly and swing band that is easy to bop around the dance floor. They play tunes ranging from Elvis to Stay Cats and original music with a special mention of the very talented Aileen Quinn who pours her heart and soul into the vocals. They attract a regular following and I too plan to be a future groupie."

                                   -Sue Helmy - CityWatch


"Last night, October 25, we saw perhaps the best show I've EVER seen at Viva's (or anywhere else, for that matter). The Leapin' Lizards with Aileen Quinn and the best, tightest band I've ever heard. Frank Giffen on guitar was a master. There was a sax player to make you swoon. The drummer, bass player, charming guy on harp and percussion were outstanding! The energy and talent of Ms. Quinn was breath taking! If they ever come back be SURE and catch this act. You will be dancing to your car. Have dinner and drinks…well worth the price! Prepare to be amazed at the unique stylings of this band and their show. I had never seen them before but I'm still thinking about them this morning and hope to see them again

​                                                                    Donna Leigh Scott-on Facebook

The New York Post

" . . . we were chair-dancing and my feet never stopped moving."

word on the street is:

"Aileen is a powerhouse onstage with boundless energy, a mischievous spirit and a commanding, beautiful voice."

        -San Francisco Chronicle

"She's all grown up, she's Rockabilly and she's ready to rock!"

                          -The Reverend Martini

"With decades of stage, studio, television and film experience behind them, these top flight musicians provide the rock solid foundation for Aileen to leap and soar with her vocals, taking the audience to a whole new level of Rockabilly excitement."

                -The Other Venice Film Festival

". . .  I really enjoyed the show.. Especially your Gene Vincent rendition... And your singer has as much crowd appeal as  Imelda May...great venue too. . . . . also noticed you have a great guitar... "